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Oxford is deeply committed to Toronto: our head office is located here, and over half our global employees live here. The future of the city, its economic health, and social well-being are important to us

Oxford Properties Group is the owner, developer and manager of some of the world’s best real estate. For the past 50+ years, Oxford has developed and managed an impressive portfolio of memorable, high quality projects across Canada that support our communities and deliver strong employment and economic growth. To learn more about our story, here.


Exceptional architecture and sculpted design from a globally-renowned architectural team will enhance Toronto’s iconic skyline.

Our goal at Oxford is to connect people to exceptional places. The architectural expression for Union Park will shape the city of the future.

The Vision


Our vision is to build upon and complement Toronto’s icons with exceptional, but timeless design. Union Park will deliver the largest mixed-use development in Toronto’s history – contributing office space, community-serving retail, rental residential, public realm improvements, and a large park.

  • Three acres of green space, in the heart of downtown Toronto, including a two-acre urban park built over the Union rail corridor connecting to the future Rail Deck Park;
  • 3.3 million square feet of office space;
  • Approximately 800 rental residential units, including family-oriented housing; and 200,000 square feet of high quality retail.

This redevelopment will become the best expression of a mixed-use community in Toronto.

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